Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Serendipity - final montage by Ain'SyafiqahRosdi

This is a research about woman characteristic,by using medium of photography in term of nature which is flower. The impressionist sequence images of flower is being highlighted by the desaturated colour. By the research, woman and emotion can't be resist, the continuity of the colour represent the other side of emotion, vulnerable in the process of these research.

It is a common characteristic of women that everyone would know, such as lovely, sensitive, fragile, delicate, soft, but what is the bigger things behind all of these characteristic if only the emotion. The journey to embrace ourselves, towards what we have been going through has its own classification by emotion. The ups and down our life is, part of the journey to embrace ourselves to get through to the future. If we have only one emotion, we couldn't know what it feel to be fall, to be rise from fall, to feel the pain and gain the strength, the emotion clearly taught us to be calm, face the problem and learn to solve it. It is the journey of maturity towards the future life.

I dedicate the research to my family, lecturers,friends,UiTM and everyone who appreciate woman, to understand and learn to adapt the characteristic. 

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