Wednesday, 19 February 2014

when the time has come

islam calligraphy by Ain'Syafiqah Rosdi
islam calligraphy, a photo by Ain'Syafiqah Rosdi on Flickr.

we are going to leave the world
leave the one who love us,
whom we love,
what we had,
that we've tried hard to get,
in this world,
at last what is the purpose we live when we have to die?
what happen after life?
what do we have?
it will be back into one,
lailahailallah (tiada tuhan selain Allah)
we all as the servant of Allah,
may God bless us,may God give a light for us to stay in the way of we should be.

Innalillah wainnalillahiraji'un to my dearie strong friend and lover, Izzati Hanez, you'll always be my hero.

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